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Full Digital Studio

aBlackLie Studio has what is expected of todays digital requirements. Macs’, Capture One, Full height white cove, Shower room, Hair & Makeup area, Client Lounge. The upstairs studio is also linked to a giant flatscreen TV in the client lounge via the dedicated client WiFi.

Adobe CC

With our in house design team we have access to all the latest software from Adobe CC Creative suit. 3D Rendering

Design / Concepts

The team are often involved in taking ideas from moodboard to treatment stage and onto the final image. The Studio is full of refrence and has a truly creative library.

Moving Image

With the emergence of social media as a leading media, the team have developed from behind the scenes films to fully fledged TV commercials


We have a fully equipped but will always help with special requirements whether it is restricted budgets or the world is your oyster


Client List

aBlackLie Studio and its team have been pleased to work with some amazing brands and editorials. Virgin Atlantic, Baileys, Beefeater Gin to name but a few.
A full listing can be found here along with some handy links to the people who worked on them.

inhouse creatives

All of the creatives here are a happy bunch. Unfortunatly none of them have beards or fancy hair... Ok maybe Lewis does
Tim Bret-Day
Advertising / Fashion photographer
Tims’ work spans all media and is a true beliver of a good image always starts with a good idea. He is the in-house font of all reference and has produced some truly aspiring images. Please use the links below to follow Tim on his social media or view his personal website
Lee Stuart
Retoucher and lover of anything I.T.
Lee describes himself as someone who colours-in for a living. We all know he brings more to an image than that. He is now applying the same creative process to moving image. Please use the links below to follow Lee on his social media or view his personal website
Lewis Hayward
Photographer | Camerman
I am a London based Photographer, specialising in Beauty, Landscape & Portrait photography, working on a project and commission bases. I have had work published in magazines, and exhibited in a couple of shows around London.
Dan Kennedy
Celebrity / Fashion photographer
Dans’ work involves him mixing with some ot the beautiful people we sonly see on the big screen or in magazines…Lucky boy. Please use the links below to follow Dan on his social media or view his personal website
Chris ODrsicoll
Cameraman & Assistant Director
Chris is the best man for the job to guide you through this modern minefield of everchanging technology. With the help of aBlackLie studio we can all pull together the exact requirements you need. Why not follow Chris on his Social media tavels
Kat Perry
Production / Casting / Marketing
Kat has produced many projects for aBlackLie and is always proffessional and thorough in the way she handles each project. Please use the links below to follow Kat on her social media or view her personal website
Assistant is too small a word but aBlackLie also have a strong group of assistants on hand to help. If you need anything to help your day go smoother why not look to book one of ours

Who is doing what at the moment...

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